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3:53 PM approached DNA to help build out a landing page template that they could use for the multitude of verticals they target on the web.  Once we understood their target demographic and the core objectives of the landing page: 1. Users engage with the sign up flow 2. Educate the user about Easyquote's easy process 3. Localize SEO we set out to incorporate these goals into our design.

Web Landing Page Template Design

After the discovery phase we will set out to mock up lo-fidelity wireframes to quickly bounce ideas around.  After a few volleyball iterations tossing ideas back and forth we are able to land on a design that makes the most sense while achieving the core objectives of the landing page.

Localized SEO

We used contrasting colors to draw the users eye to call to actions and added extra reinforcement to the sign up button on the hero image.  Below the value proposition & tagline we had a small infographic that explained just how easy using easyquote was.  If the user was still not convinced below that a video breakout explained the easyquote process with a block of text for people that wanted to learn more before committing.  The block of text also served as valuable SEO keywords for spiders to crawl and rank the landing page.  In the footer we localized SEO by adding in a locations column for Easyquote to propagate with the cities that they service.

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