Graphic Desigener & User Interface Design in Santa Barbara

10:19 PM

Santa Barbara Graphic Designer came to DNA looking to create a dashboard design to pitch potential investors about their startup.  Working closely with the founders we were able to understand their core business objective, brand guidelines, and vision for how the backend of their product would work.  After defining our teams insights we set out to create a wireframe of the dashboard.

Santa Barbara User Experience Designer

First we created a Trello board to prioritize the most important data sets from top to bottom.   Once we understood what information the end user required we set out to build a wireframe around these findings.  We iterated several times internally massaging the wireframes until the user experience felt seamless.

User Interface Design by DNA Imagery

The end result was a clean & modern dashboard inline with the's brand guidelines.  We ensured that the end user could access the most pertinent information, in this case how many tickets were sold, front and center while making sure it was easy to see key metrics about their campaign.  This allows the end user to get a quick & succinct snapshot of their campaigns activity.  Understanding your end users needs is critical to creating human centric design that improves the efficiency of navigating your product.  The end result? Happy users and happy users make for a happy business owner.  Contact Santa Barbara Graphic Designer today to see how we can help your business thrive.  

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