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6:17 PM

123Compliance aimed to refresh their website and separate themselves from their competitors.  Taking a bird’s eye view of their site map, information, and objectives we focused first on simplifying their message and then laying out the information in bite size pieces that could easily be consumed by visitors.  Taking this approach we broke down a complex product into a straight forward value proposition that would attract new customers to their suite of products.

Wordpress Plugin Integration

Integration with comprehensive retargeting online software Hub Spot allowed 123Compliance to track users journey’s through their website and provide them with new content every time they revisited their website.  The ease of setting up multiple landing pages allowed 123Compliance to not only create landing pages for each individual product, but also allowed them the ability to split test and optimize their conversion rates. 

Responsive Website Design

With nearly 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile sources it was imperative that the web site not only look great on desktops, but tablets and mobile phones as well.  We created multiple responsive break points to ensure that the 123Compliance website would look & perform spectacularly on any device screen size regardless of make or manufacture.

Santa Barbara Web Development

Prior to the site going live we provided a hi-fidelity clickable prototype that allowed 123Compliance to interact with the website before it went to development.  This allowed 123Compliance a feedback loop for us to make continual improvements to the site. We develop on a staging server which allowed 123Compliance to experience no downtime as they could keep their existing website up until we migrated the new website over to their servers.  Lastly, we future proofed the backend of the website for growth & scalability should they want to add additional pages and or drive heavy traffic to their website.

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