Santa Barbara User Interface Design for Storygize Online Platform

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The Storygize team was in the middle of engineering their new online platform, but did not have a UX or UI designer on staff to help aid with visual design & flow of the platform.  They called on DNA to refresh the product and streamline it to match the rest of their brand.  We worked closely with Storygize to understand their product, vision, and message.  Based on the insights gathered during the discovery phase we proposed a new style guide to model the web app off of, provided hi-fidelity design mocks as examples, and marked up their existing UI so that their engineering team could easily implement the designs to spec.

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Santa Barbara Graphic Design

The result was a clean and crisp interpretation of their user interface that helped direct users to pertinent information instead of wondering where or what they should be looking at.  By directing users eyes using color and contrast we were able to help guide users through the platform.  We modified how users interact with the dashboard ensuring they are not bombarded with information all at once.  Instead of being overloaded with graphs we allowed users to interact with only the information that matters to them the most.  This not only cleans up the dashboard of busy graphs, but allows users to focus when moving through the dashboard.

By supplying a style guide, ui kit, and having their existing ui screens marked up with notes from our senior visual designer, Ana, we were able to ensure that their engineering team would know exactly how to implement the new ui into their existing platform.  This process also cuts down on overhead saving time & money for the client as we are not mocking every single screen.  Thus allowing us to move faster in an agile work environment that encourages iteration.  By using this methodology we can iron out major ux issues before the product goes live.

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